Weekly Training (6-28 to 7-4)

Sunday: 1:30 with Gary, my new running partner since Ian moved to UC Davis for his post-doc there. We ran out at Rothrock; it was extremely wet, not too warm and pretty slippery. My right knee is still having problems. I’m icing it regularly, but it’s decently swollen. The pain tends to go away (or at least lessen) thirty or so minutes into the run. I’m only a little concerned though since I was having much more pain at this point last year.

Monday: Morning lift – my right knee hurt a good amount during this lift, which is a little concerning since this is the first time I’ve had pain during a lift.

Afternoon run – :35 easy, a fair amount of pain in my right knee. I’m considering getting Hoka’s for recovery shoes. We’ll see how long it takes for this to go away. I saw a GIANT cat behind the golf courses and definitely thought that it was a raccoon until it looked at me.

Tuesday: Morning run – :30 easy, again, a fair amount of pain in the right knee. My legs no longer feel tired, so I would like to be up to normal mileage next week, especially since I’m pretty sure this weekend will have less running, so my knee can get a break.

Afternoon run – :50 medium, ran with Luke. It took about 15 minutes for my knee pain to get to a reasonable level. I’m religiously heating and icing, and I think it may be helping, although I’m not entirely sure. Maybe I’ll have to take a break sometime.

Wednesday: Morning lift – nothing to complicated; I heated my knee this morning when I woke up, and it actually felt pretty decent during the lift. I feel like, despite not being able to get all of the miles in that I want because of the joint pain, lifting is the one thing that’s bringing me up the fastest.

Afternoon run – 1:15 medium, ran with Luke and some people at Anthym. The pace was pretty good, and once I got to dropping the pace a bit from what I’m used to and talking, my knee pain started to go away, and the walk back to my apartment didn’t have a lot of knee pain. Also, found a couple other grad students (who graduated from Hickman in 2008, no less!) to run with.

Thursday: Afternoon run – :35 (very) easy; every once in a while since Kettle, I feel like I bonk during just easy, short runs. This happened here; I ran for 20 minutes and then got really light-headed and needed to stop. As much as I hate to say it, I feel like I’m still in recovery mode

Friday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – :40 easy; I didn’t bonk or get lightheaded, but it definitely was not a strong Friday run, nor was it as many miles as I wanted. Hopefully the next week can be a little stronger. I may need to cross train for a bit (the horror!).

Saturday: 1:30 with Gary on the trails. It was sopping wet, but it was still good. My knee bothered me for a bit, and he suggested only icing it and not using the heat, which is something that I’ll try since this is now getting a little worrisome and tiring to always run with this pain. Also, my toenail fell off later in the day (see picture above)


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