Weekly Training (7-5 to 7-11)

Black Mo

Sunday: 2:00 with Gary at Black Moshannon; knee started out hurting for the first 15 minutes or so and then got better after that. It was an extremely wet run; there were parts where the water was up almost to our knees. It was pretty fun even if it was wet. It was nice to be able to get to 2 hours again after Kettle. Getting all the mud off (see above) took forever.

Monday: Morning lift

Afternoon bike – :35; since my knee was acting up last week, I decided to just bike today. It reminded me why I hate biking. Stationary bikes are miserable. But looks like I’ll be doing this tomorrow too.

I hate biking

Tuesday: Afternoon bike – :35; my knee didn’t hurt today, which was good and helpful, but geez, biking is the worst thing in the world. I’m super gassed after just 35 minutes. It feels like a tempo run (which probably isn’t bad, just isn’t pleasurable

Wednesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1:15 medium with Anthym, the new local running store in town, followed by a half an hour of (god awful yoga). After realizing that Gary (who is almost twice my age) is more flexible than me, I decided that stretching and/or yoga would probably benefit me a bit. Didn’t have any knee pain while running, so hopefully this icing and the time off running is helping.


Thursday: Afternoon bike – :35; another brutal day on the bike. It was terrible. I may want to continue to do this one day a week though to make sure that my legs and joints don’t go down the tubes. We’ll see. I’m getting a pair of Hoka’s next week from Anthym (more on this next week), so hopefully they’ll also help my knees.

Friday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 3:20 on Tussey fire roads with Gary; I thought this was just going to be like a 2.5 hour little jog, but nearly 3 and half hours and a almost a marathon later and I was very tired and very thirsty. My knee didn’t have any pain which was very promising, but I definitely bonked during the run.

Saturday: :50 with the team; I had to break off early because I was so dead from Friday, but it was nice to be able to run again. It’s cool to be in a place where I can decide on Thursday to run a marathon on Friday and then still be okay on Saturday.


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