Weekly Training (7-12 to 7-18)

Sunday: Off!!!

Monday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1:00 with Sean; no knee pain, kept a pretty decent pace and definitely enjoyed the “heat” (it was only like kinda humid and 80 – definitely missing the Florida heat training of 2013). I’m still pretty sure I’m gonna get that pair of Hokas though.

Tuesday: Afternoon bike – :35; really not much of note. It was raining outside while it was sunny on my own personal bike course. I suppose that’s something

Wednesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1:00 with Luke for the first half and then Anthym for the second half. No knee pain at all. My quads were a little tight at the beginning (I assume from lifting this morning), but that was it. Yoga afterwards was terrible, as usual. I would love to get more flexible. Also, I got my first sponsorship gift card from Anthym. Definitely gonna get that pair of Hoka Clifton 2’s finally. I’m actually considering racing in them for my 100k and Tussey.

Thursday: Afternoon run – 1:05 with the team (first 30 alone) in the new Hokas. Although I’m not at the point where I need them, I wanted to take them out on a little test run. It was just like running on clouds. I couldn’t even feel the gravel beneath my soles which was pretty cool, and encourages me a little more to run in them for both Tussey and Pine Creek since both of those are on crushed rock.

Friday: Morning off

Afternoon run – :45 with Luke; kinda felt not good after the back to back quick hour days. This was kinda just an easy Friday before two hours tomorrow. I was fine having a down run

Saturday: 2:00 with Gary, mostly trails at Musser gap; we did a loop with an awesome climb three times, so I got some good, slow, tough miles in after doing some fire roads to get out there. I was definitely tired after it, but it was a ton of fun.


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