Weekly Training (7-26 to 8-1)

Sunday: 1:15 by myself on Centre Hills; I’ve really become dependent on running with other people for both long runs and short runs. I was pretty much done running like an hour into this run.

Monday: Morning run – :30

Afternoon run – 1:15, with :35 alone and then :40 with Kiet and Peter. This heat is going to take a little bit of getting used to.

Tuesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 20 minute tempo with 15 minutes of warmup and cooldown. I think we were hitting about 6:15s through it, so it was far from fast, but with it being almost 90 out and the first tempo of the summer, I think I’m pretty okay with that. When I got done, I felt like I had worked hard but not quite reached the top level of a tempo run that normally just leaves me exhausted. Hopefully when I do my next one (probably in 2 weeks) I’ll be able to push it a bit more.

Wednesday: Afternoon run – 1:15 with Anthym for the last :35, followed by yoga. I am so incredibly less flexible than I thought I was. When I’m less flexible than my mid-40 year old training partner, I think I know what I have to work on. Bottom line: yoga is painful.

Also, I lost my big toenail! This is the 3rd lost toenail in the month of July! I’m patting myself on the back as we speak.

Thursday: Morning lift; So I woke up, ate breakfast, decided that I was too tired to lift, fell back asleep, woke up 5 minutes later feeling extremely guilty and then made my way to the gym. And had an awesome lift.

Afternoon run – :45 with the team; pretty standard. Not too fast, but this heat just makes it seem so much worse. I hope that by Pine Creek in early September, I’ll be 100% adjusted to the heat so that mid-70’s seems a lot cooler.

Friday: 2:00 with Gary on the fire roads out at Rothrock. The pace was pretty good, and it seemed so much easier than pretty much all of the run we did out here three weeks ago. I’m starting to like running long on Friday afternoon before the weekend.

Saturday: Off; I moved.


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