Weekly Training (8-2 to 8-8)

Sunday: 2:00 with Gary out at Shingletown; this was the probably the best weekend run I’ve had with Gary. The pace was pretty good for a typical Sunday run, and with the cooler weather today, it just seemed like we could keep going forever.

Monday: 1:00 with Kiet in the morning before candidacy

Tuesday: Fartlek workout; 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 with half rest. It was decently cool, so that wasn’t that bad, but I felt my form starting to breakdown on the last 2 and 1 sets.

Wednesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1:10 run with Anthym; I was definitely feeling it from the workout yesterday (especially on the hills), but it was still a good run. We weren’t going as fast as we normally do, so it made it a little easier. Post-run yoga was painful, as usual.

Thursday: :45 with the team; really nothing of note. I’m definitely ready to start tapering for Pine Creek in like 3 or 4 weeks. It’s kind of a combination of being done with candidacy (finally) and finally starting to get tired with the miles and the lifting.

Friday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1:30 with Gary out at Shingletown; just like last weeks run out here, I felt really good, and I think so did Gary. With my increased lifting from the week, my legs felt tired but strong, so the hills didn’t feel as bad as they normally do.

Saturday: 2:00 with Gary at Scotia; we were initially planning on doing 2:30, but neither of us had the legs to make it that far. My legs felt heavy, but nothing was sore or hurting, which was good. I’m definitely planning on taking Sunday off to give my legs a break from the last 3 weeks before my taper. It also means I get to go out to brunch!


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