Weekly Training (8-9 to 8-15)

Sunday: Off

Monday: Morning run – :30 pretty easy; this taper had better get here sooner rather than later. I’m thankful that nothing hurts, but the soreness is a little overwhelming at times.

Afternoon run – :50 with Luke on AccuCoaster trails

Tuesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – Hill workout, 10 x 1 minute hills; I definitely did better than last time, but it was still really tough. I’m really looking forward to being able to start doing two workouts a week, even though these just kill my legs.

Wednesday: Morning run – :30 easy

Afternoon run – 1:00 with Anthym, including :30 beforehand alone. I can definitely feel that I’m getting into the heart of this training cycle. I’m exactly a month out from Pine Creek, so with my planned two-week taper (essentially a one-week taper with an easy week preceding it), I’ve got two and a half weeks of workouts and strong-medium mileage. My legs feel like they’re getting really strong, but it’s hard to keep on putting this kind of stress on them. The important thing is to not burn out like I did at the beginning of May so that I can keep training through Philly.

Thursday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – :20 tempo, probably around 6-minute pace, although neither Tom nor me had a GPS watch judging by the speed and effort based on two weeks ago, so that’s a completely arbitrary shot-in-the-dark. It feels nice to finally get back to two-a-week workouts with morning runs and morning lifts. Although I really can’t wait to race.

Friday: Afternoon run – :35 with NVRC at lunch; it was very easy, and pretty much exactly what I needed. My legs were tired after yesterday’s workout and lift, and I needed a slightly off day before this brick weekend.

Saturday: 2:15 with Erich and Gary at Shingletown; I always feel soooo good at Shingletown, and I can never quite put a finger to why this is. Outside of a great run on a great day after a less than great hangover, we had 2 rattle snake encounters during the run. The first one involved me running directly over one, followed by a quick and loud rattle, 3 very un-manly screams, me sprinting 15 feet forward, and then looking back to see a snake in the middle of the trail. We were all terrified.


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