Weekly Training (8-16 to 8-22)

Sunday: 1:45 with Gary out at Scotia; it was much better than last week’s run at Scotia, although it was a little bit hotter. There were definitely no snakes out there, which made it a lot better. And more comfortable. Although my mom forwarded me a snake-bite how-to website, so I’m now fully prepared to take care of Gary if he gets bit. Doing these 4 hour block weekends are really nice, but I feel like I should probably start doing stuff in the afternoons after the run. When school starts, I may start going to the pool and *gasp* swimming.

Monday: Morning run – :30 easy

Afternoon run – :45 easy with the team; after the decently long weekend and last week’s workout double, this shakeout was not quite as easy as I would have hoped it would be, but it also wasn’t the worst run the world. I think tomorrow’s fartlek may be tough, but I get to start my taper in 2 weeks, so I have that to look forward to.

Tuesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 Fartlek workout with some dudes on the team (including Lacy, finally). I think it was faster than two weeks ago, but it definitely sucked more; I suppose this means that I’m getting more top-end speed, which I’ll be using for Pine Creek and Tussey. It definitely still sucked though, but this is my third workout in a week that suggests, in addition with my bigger weekends and harder lifts, I’ve had a pretty good July and August for running after I got over the recovery from Kettle.

Wednesday: Morning run

Afternoon run – 1:10 with Anthym; while I wish I could have called the ~7:00 min/mile pace easy, it was not quite as easy as I would have liked. My legs are definitely on their last legs (definitely pun intended). Some of these runs are getting pretty difficult, and the taper is just looking better and better the closer and closer it gets. On the plus side, my legs feel pretty (let’s be real: really) strong, so I have high hopes for this fall season of racing.

Thursday: Morning lift

Afternoon workout – 5 x 1k (3:30); so we have a really nice 1k loop at the arboretum, but it rained pretty heavily this morning and afternoon so instead of doing the workout on a 1k loop, we instead just did 5 x 3:30 at a quick pace (~5:20 – 5:30).  I felt really strong during it, which was good, although I just felt that I was a tiny bit away from reaching my top gear. I feel like the next workout I have (and last before Pine Creek) will really be the best workout of the summer, so I think I’m peaking at the right time.

Friday: Afternoon run – 2:20 decently quick (~7:30 min/mile), half with the team and half without them. I did Centre Hills, grabbed a shot block and then did Groves with the team. I was definitely feeling it by the end of Groves, but our last mile was about 6:10, which was pretty good considering that the previous 17 were not too slow. I felt really good on the climbs, and I’m finally feeling like my lifting is starting to help both with my actual running and my recovery.

Saturday: 3:00 out on the Tussey fire roads. Gary was sick, so I had to do them by myself, which actually turned out to not be all that bad. I ran with Billy Joel playing in my ear the whole time, and also wore my hydration vest with 2 bars of shot blocks. I was able to hold the pace around ~7:45 min/mile, which I was really happy about, since that will hopefully put me in the top 3 at Tussey. After a decent run the afternoon before, I was very optimistic after this long run. There is no way that I could have had this sort of recovery without having two leg days a week.


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