Weekly Training (8-23 to 8-29)

Sunday: 1:40 on the Nittany Valley Half course with some of the team; it was about 14 miles, which means were going at ~7:10 min/mile pace, which after Friday and Saturday of last week was a huge confidence booster. I’m amazed that my legs were able to carry me through this huge weekend, especially on the heels of a tough workout week last week. This is great sign not only for Pine Creek, but fore all of my training this fall. I’m so excited to step out there and start racing. And even better, my taper begins next week!

Monday: Afternoon run – :45 with the team; as it was the first day of practice, everybody wanted to go out and try to sprint it, so we were cruising at ~6:20-6:30. While this was not necessarily the best thing to have after the massive weekend, knowing that the middle of this week is gonna not involve a workout or a lift makes it kind of okay.

Tuesday: Afternoon run – 1:00 out in Strawberry Canyon around Berkeley; there’s a solid 1000′ of climb over this run, which makes it pretty tiring on the legs, especially when these are just supposed to be easy runs. At least I’ll be able to keep this week pretty difficult while doing easy runs. Also, I don’t know what it is about running here, but it always feels like I struggle to breath. I know it’s not the altitude (the hotel we stay at is ~700′), so I think it’s the dry air.

Wednesday: Afternoon run – 1:00, again out in Strawberry canyon and Tilden Park. I actually mapped my run this time, and with the Strawberry Gate being closed by time I was finally able to get out of the cyclotron and onto the trails, I managed to put on a solid 1500′ of climb over an hour; definitely not bad (although certainly not painless either). I’m sitting here at 5:30am writing this back on the beamline, and my quads are killing me; I have one more long run (~3:00) on Saturday, and then possible a workout on Tuesday and then TAPER!!!

Thursday: Afternoon run – 1:00, exactly the same as yesterday, although it was either at a slower pace, or I felt better about it. I’ll have to take a day off on Friday because I’m working the night shift and then we’re traveling back to State College, which is an all-day affair. I feel pretty good going into this day off, and after 3 hours on Saturday¬†and 90 minutes or so on Sunday, I’ll be ready for a taper. And then READY TO RACE!

Friday: Off (travel day… ugh. I hate west-to-east travel)

Saturday: 3:00 with Gary and Tom Hanna; It was the same 22 mile out-and-back at Tussey so that I can get ready for Pine Creek and the Mountainback. It’s promising that I can just go there and do sub-8 pace at the end of a HUGE training cycle (and cross country flight) without really having to think about anything or having it take too much out of me.


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