Weekly Training (8-30 to 9-5)

Dawes Bike

Sunday: Morning run – 1:20 with Gary out at Scotia; it definitely didn’t feel as bad as it has in past weeks after having big previous days. We were flying over some parts, especially when we started to talk about Unbreakable, the DVD that he’s borrowing from me about the 2010 Western States (and also the greatest documentary ever made). I’m just getting so excited for this race and to have my parents come out and crew. I can’t wait.

Afternoon bike (what!?!) – 1:45 with Luke; this was my first time ever on a road bike or with clips, and it was AMAZING. I just felt so light and nimble, and it felt like we were flying without even trying. My quads and glutes were torn up by the end of the ride, but that’s exactly what I need to work on for running, so I feel like this will definitely be a good supplement to my runs.

Monday: Afternoon run – :45 with the team; I had to cut it off early since I was coaching later, but geez, my legs are really feeling it. Two more lifts and 1 more workout and I’ll be ready to race and then really actually start tapering. Although it’s nice knowing that I really don’t have to do anything more intense than :45.

Tuesday: Morning lift

Afternoon workout – :20 minute tempo with the team; it was definitely brutal. My legs are still sore from the bike on Sunday afternoon and the lift this morning. They felt like they were heavy 4 or 5 minutes in, but I was still able to hold the pace for the entire 20 minutes. I didn’t quite stay with the top group, but I was ~5:45 or ~5:50 per mile, which I’ll definitely take as my last workout before my 100k. I may decide to drop my lift on Thursday morning, but we’ll see how my legs are feeling. I don’t want to over-taper for this race since it’s not my last one this season.

Wednesday: Afternoon run – :50 with the team; apparently we were only going at ~7:30 or so, but it definitely felt a lot faster. I was definitely feeling yesterday’s workout, yesterday’s lift, and Sunday’s ride. I’m a little concerned that this was too close to Pine Creek, but I’ll have plenty of days to recover. I’ll probably end up taking Friday off, but I’m still unsure of working out tomorrow.

Thursday: Morning lift (no legs)

Afternoon run – :45 easy, some of it with the team, some of it alone; I’m definitely taking Friday off. I could take the majority of days off from now until Pine Creek except this weekend and probably be okay. I’m a little worried that my legs will still be feeling the last 8 weeks too much, especially the last 3 extra heavy ones.

Friday: Off

Saturday: Morning run – 1:10 easy; it definitely wasn’t as easy as I thought. I’m actually a little more concerned now about next weekend. I may honestly take off Monday AND Tuesday and see how I feel on Wednesday. It wouldn’t be out of the question to not run at all next week. We’ll just have to see.


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