Weekly Training (9-6 to 9-12)

Sunday: Morning run – 1:00 with Gary out at Scotia. I’m definitely taking Monday off, and I’ll probably take Tuesday off too. I pretty much just want to have my legs feel fresh and have it be Saturday. This week is gonna involve a lot of watching Unbreakable and a lot of icing my legs and even more just waiting to be able to race. I’m almost just shaking in my shoes waiting for this race to come.

Monday: Off

Tuesdsay: Off

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Afternoon run – :20 easy; just a little shakeout before the race. I was a little worried before this run, but I actually now feel pretty good. My legs seem to be a lot tighter when I’m just sitting or biking than they do when I’m actually running. This is pretty promising for the race.

Friday: Off. Picked up my parents. 1 day til race day!!! Let’s get em!

Saturday: Pine Creek 100k


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