Weekly Training (9-20 to 9-26)

Sunday: Morning run – 1:20 with some of the team; they dropped me like half an hour into the run on a decently large downhill. I had a feeling this would happen because my legs really aren’t at 100% from last Saturday. I’m gonna cut down on my mid-week mileage, but try to keep up my strength training, workouts and weekend runs, since those are really the important things that I need for Tussey and Philly. Missing :45 to 1:00 training runs really aren’t going to do a whole lot, especially when I’m still recovering.

Monday: Off (ran the workout with NTF, so not really off, but still kinda off)

Tuesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – :30 min tempo with the team; apparently we were hitting like 6:05 to 6:10 pace, so it wasn’t really that slow, especially with where I’m at with the recovery, but it was mentally draining to not be able to run with the people who I normally do workouts with. All of the speed gains that I made from the summer *appeared* to go out the window. I know that’s it just me being in recovery and still being drained from that race, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m definitely going to take tomorrow off and then come back on Thursday for another workout.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 workout with the team; we were hitting at 6 or just below 6, and, comparatively to the team, I did better. It still felt like I definitely wasn’t doing as well as I normally do, but I was hitting kinda appropriate pace. I’m taking Friday and Monday off, so we’ll see where I can be during next Tuesday’s workout after a medium-length weekend.

Friday: Off

Saturday: 90 with Erich at Lock Haven before the meet. It was all on concrete, so it was pretty easy. Sprinting to and fro during the meet was not the easiest thing on the legs, but it was probably something that wasn’t bad for me (appreciate the pseudo-double negative in that sentence). This is probably the last weekend of not full training.


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