Weekly Training (9-27 to 10-3)

Sunday: 60 with some guys on the team. This was supposed to be another 90, but I was just too dead to be able to make it go that far. Along with recovery, running around at the meet and standing for 4 hours at the football game (still don’t think we play well) definitely took it out of my legs. Again, this is probably the last weekend that I’m taking it easy.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Morning lift

Afternoon run: 5 x mile repeats at about 5:50 pace. The first mile was about 5:57 and the last was about 5:40, and they were generally getting faster as we went one. While I’m not quite struggling like I was before, I’m still not feeling like I’m quite able to access this next gear in any other these workouts, like the tempo and the ladder. I honestly think that doing a shorter workout (400s?) may be really good to just get to see what it’s like to run fast again. Since these miles were essentially 2 min/mile faster than what I’ll be racing at Tussey, there was no problem in this pace, but I feel like I need to push myself a bit more.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Morning lift

Afternoon run: 5 x 5 min quick + 1 min quicker. This was an interesting workout. We were comfortable in between 6:30 and 7 for the “quick” part and then about a minute faster for the “quicker” part. The hardest part was maintaining the quick speed directly after the quicker part. I feel like I’ve now got all the speed that I’ll have for the rest of the reason, and it’s just a matter or getting stronger in this next week and a half before Tussey. I’m definitely worried that I have neither the strength nor the speed to win Tussey, but I’ll definitely have to take the cards that I have at the time.

Friday: Afternoon run – 2:00 by myself going up Musser gap. I definitely felt pretty sluggish, which was probably a mix between the running by myself, the weather, and the slippery rocks going up Musser. This really wasn’t any sort of a notable run, except that I still kind of feel weak going downhills. Once I start my taper in a little over a week, I’m sure that this will drastically improve.

Saturday: Off (football game)


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