Weekly Training (10-11 to 10-17)

Sunday: Off

Monday: Afternoon run – 1:00 in Tilden out in Berkeley. After a miserable cross country flight to Berkeley, CA, I really felt like I needed to get legs moving. Unfortunately, the only trails out here are hilly. Fortunately, I actually felt really good during the run. The two days off definitely helped, and I felt like I was able to move pretty well. I took the downhills a little slow and conservative, but there’s really no reason to bomb down the hills until Tussey.

Tuesday: Afternoon run – 1:00 in Tilden; pretty much the same thing as Monday. My legs felt pretty good without having to push too hard. I have no knee pain anymore, so that’s a positive. I’m definitely getting more and more nervous for Tussey, although there’s really nothing more that I could have done during this training block.

Wednedsay: Morning run – :45 in Tilden

Thursday: Off

Friday: Afternoon run – 1:00 in Tilden. Despite feeling like I’m always out in Berkeley at the beginning of my taper (the last 3 races, I was out in working in California for my taper), the one advantage is that it’s warm. It’s been in the upper 70s and 80s all this week which is good for a little bit of heat training before the probably lower 50s that it’s going to be in State College when I get back. I was pretty happy that I go three runs out here.

Saturday: Off (if you include a 1.5 hour train ride, 5.5 hour flight and 3.5 hour drive “off”)


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