Monthly Training (January 2016)

Week 1 (Jan 6 – Jan 9)

Wednesday, Afternoon run – 1:00 with Gary out at Scotia. It was so nice to go out and do trails with Gary again, after essentially a two month hiatus of not doing any run with him. It was at around an 8-8:30 pace on those trails, so we were cruising pretty decently. And thus, the season has begun.

Thursday, Afternoon run – :45 alone. It was just a little loop around town; nothing special

Friday, Afternoon run – :30 alone. I still feel a little sore from the trails on Wednesday with Gary. It may be a rude awakening coming back to these big weekends.

Saturday, Morning run – 2:00 with Gary at Tussey. Again, it was so nice to get out on the trails again with someone else. I really needed a run like this. We were 9 minute miles pretty much the whole time, which was pretty promising with all the hills and technical trails out in Rothrock.

Week 2 (Jan 10 – Jan 16)

Sunday, Morning run – 2:00 with Gary at Shingletown. While my legs definitely felt a little heavier than yesterday, especially over the two pretty big climbs that we did, it was promising that I was able to go back-to-back with hilly trails for two hours on the first weekend back. It’ll be nice when we can start pushing 5 hours for these two days, and maybe throw in a Friday too, but this is a nice place to start the season at.

Monday, Morning lift

Afternoon run – :45 alone; I TA Mondays 4-6 for the rest of the semester, so I won’t be able to run with the team from here on out.

Tuesday, Afternoon run – :30 alone; I forgot how slow and heavy running in snow feels like.

Wednesday, Morning lift

Afternoon run – :35 with the team at just about 7 min/mile pace; through the icy sidewalks at this pace feel really fast, especially with heavy legs. I definitely have a lot of speed to get back before Boston and my 50ks this spring.

Thursday, Afternoon run – :50 with the team. Doing these runs at 7:30 to 7:40 pace is infinitely more comfortable for rest days than doing them at 7s, although I will have to keep pushing the pace if I want to do well at the Naked Bavarian (which I’ve heard is a fast trail course) and Boston.

Friday, Afternoon run – 2:00 with Gary at Scotia. This was more of a night run than an afternoon run, but whatever. It was nice to get the weekend started out right with some snowy, less-than-Shingletown-technical trails and a good hour and ten minutes or so of night running. I haven’t run in trails in the dark since Kettle, so this was a decent awakening of how much different night trail running is.

Saturday, Morning run – 2:00 with Gary at Shingletown. Contrary to the relative ease of the trails at Scotia, this run was probably the most technical run that Gary and I have done together. There was a point where we were hiking up the backside of a trail at 27 min/mile. And dripping sweat into the snow. It was snowy, rocky, slippery, and steep, and all this spelled a very tiring and fatiguing run. There were no sprained ankles, but there were some sprained spirits.

Afternoon game – Pats win

Week 3 (Jan 17 – Jan 23)

Sunday, Morning run – 1:00 alone at AccuCoaster. Gary wasn’t able to come out after the pounding that our legs took the last two days, so I went out for a very slow hour that may or may not have involved walking on perfectly flat trails and a slight fear that a bear was following me.

Monday, Morning lift

Afternoon run – :30 that was actually a bike in the gym. It was super cold outside and my legs were still dead, so I decided to be a wimp and bike. I forgot what it’s like to constantly be training on dead legs.

Tuesday, Afternoon workout – 6 x sunset hill (about 1:32 to 1:38 uphills). Not a necessarily long workout, but with the cold and the dry air, I was definitely breathing heavy by the end of it. I have a long way to go before I get the speed I need for Boston, but as long as I do 1 or 2 workouts a week, I think I’ll be there in time.

Night yoga – worst experience of my life

Wednesday, Morning lift

Afternoon run – 1:00 at Scotia with Gary during our (hopefully) weekly midweek training runs. My legs felt heavy from the workout yesterday, yoga last night, and lift this morning, so it was a little more difficult than I would have wanted for that pace. But hey, what can you do?

Thursday, Afternoon bike – :30 on the stationary bike. I hate biking on those things, but I wanted to give my legs a little break after yesterday and before the weekend.

Friday, Afternoon run – 1:30 with Gary at Scotia; pretty standard

Saturday, Morning run – 2:00 through the snow at Tussey; it took us two hours to go just over 6 miles with the 6-9″ of snow that we got Friday night/Saturday morning. It was so incredibly and pretty frustrating at times. I was so tired and so sore when I got done.

Week 4 (Jan 24 – Jan 30)

Sunday, Morning run – 1:30 out at Tussey, with about :45 with snowshoes and :45 without. I was working really hard with trying to wear the snow shoes, so I eventually just said “f it” and switched to running. It was a little bit easier than yesterday, but still a lot of work going through the snow.

Monday, No morning lift – my neck was still sore from playing football yesterday, and with how shredded my legs feel, I don’t think I would have gotten anything out of the lift. I’ll possibly lift on Friday then.

Afternoon run – :35 alone around town; running on unplowed/unkept sidewalks after a snow is much more difficult than I remember.

Tuesday, Morning bike – :30 on the stationary bike at White Building; I’m trying to get my two-a-days in without adding running mileage (and I don’t have to wake up early now); we’ll see how this goes.

Afternoon workout – 20 minute tempo out-and-back on 21. There were only 4 of us, and the top guy did it at about 5:45 to 5:50 pace, so if I was 1 to 1.5 minutes back of him, I would have 6:05 to 6:15 pace. I’m not gonna complain about that this early in the season when I’m in the middle of a difficult cycle.

Wednesday, Morning workout

Afternoon run – 1:00 out at Scotia in my new Nike Kigers; Gary is getting over being sick, so he wasn’t able to make it, but it was still nice to get out and do trails in the middle of the week.

Thursday, Morning bike – :30 on the stationary

Friday, Afternoon run – 1:00 out at AccuCoaster. Damn, my legs are tired.

Saturday, Morning run – 1:30 with Boggs from Shingletown; lots of snow again, and still a difficult run. Legs are still tired, but still moving.


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