Race Reports

Ironmaster’s Challenge 50k (4-29-2018)

“Just one more uphill and I’ll be good.. wait, who do I think I am?”

JC Stone 50k (3-17-2018)

“These hills are starting to get tough.”

Philadelphia Marathon (11-19-2017)

“Oh no… I shouldn’t have had those 4 pretzel roles. But they were soooo good.”

Tussey Mountainback 50m (10-8-2017)

Me: “I just have to get through this uphill and I’ll be fine.”

*5 minutes later*

Me: “I just have to get through this downhill and I’ll be fine.”

Allegheny Front Trail Run 50k (8-5-2017)

“Looks like this race is PPD – porcupine-ed.”

Kettle Moraine 100m (6-3-2017)

“You wanna finish holding hands? Or is that too cliche?”

Hyner Trail Challenge 50k (4-22-2017)

“See, this is why Galen could never beat Kilian in a mountain ultra. When has Galen ever walked one of these hills?”

Caumsett Park 50k (3-5-2017)

“Yeah, apparently the race director is in the hospital with hypothermia.”

Tussey Mountainback 50m (10-30-2016)

“I don’t think I’ll EVER be good at leg 11.”

Kettle Moraine 100m (6-4-2016)

“I just have to be done.”

Glacier Ridge Trail 50k (5-14-2016)

“Today is not my day.”

Naked Bavarian 26.2 (3-6-2016)

“This course was NOT supposed to be this hilly!”

Tussey Mountainback 50m (10-25-2015)

“You need some help up this hill?” “Andy, who the f— do you think I am!?!?!?”

Pine Creek Challenge 100k (9-12-2015)

So what hurts?” “Everything. Everything hurts… Ah, there’s a lot of blood!”

Kettle Moraine 100m (6-6-2015)

“Uh, guys? Yeah, I think I, uh, went out a little too fast.”

Ironmaster’s Challenge 50k (4-26-2015)

“Son, this is the Appalachian Trail. I don’t think there’s a race here.”

Hyner Trail Challenge 50k (4-18-2015)

“Why are there so many hills!?! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE!?!?!”

Tuscarora Trail 50k (3-28-2015)

“Ah, I was only kidding. Nothing came out – it was just gas.”

SaS Diamond


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